Trying to explain the GT’s personality needs a trip to the supercar’s roots

It’s hard to find new angles of looking at the Porsche Carrera GT. The German raucous supercar - we are being polite and not calling it a widowmaker - has been reviewed and then reviewed some more.

Jason Cammisa, however, in a video for ISSIMI looks at the origins of the Carrera GT and how they turned it into a vicious car that’s always waiting to bite.

The Carrera GT wasn’t built to play nice

One could argue that modern-day Porsches are so well-balanced and mannered that it’s hard to screw up while driving one unless you really, really, really want to or your driving skills are similar to a toddler’s.

Take the 992-gen 911, for example. Porsche went as far as fitting it with a fancy Wet Mode for what the company describes as increased driving stability on wet surfaces.

We won’t get into how the system works, but we’ll tell you this: older Porsches didn’t even come close of coming with such a life-saving gizmo and the Carrera GT is one of them.

Jason Cammisa's Review of the Porsche Carrera GT Exposes its Race-Bred Naughty Nature
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That said, when referring to the Carrera GT, it’s important to remember one thing: the car is imbued with racing-derived bits and bobs, whether it’s the screaming V-10 engine (Formula 1) or the chassis itself (derived from Porsche’s LMP2000 LeMans racer). Obviously, cars of that ilk are as unforgiving as they come, hence the GT’s naughtiness by nature.

Jason Cammisa's Review of the Porsche Carrera GT Exposes its Race-Bred Naughty Nature
- image 924881

Real life examples attest to such a nasty character, as the video points out: Jay Leno went spinning while driving a Carrera GT at 190 mph, we all remember the Paul Walker incident, and rumor has it that the great Walter Röhrl crashed one on the Nürburgring - keep in mind that this is the man that had a substantial input during the GT’s R&D, especially on the suspension front.

Now head to the video to find out more spicy details on the Porsche Carrera GT.

Jason Cammisa's Review of the Porsche Carrera GT Exposes its Race-Bred Naughty Nature
- image 924887
Porsche Carrera GT specifications
Power unit V10 normal-aspiration engine
Capacity 5733 cc
Engine output 605 HP @ 8,000 RPM
Max torque 435 LB-FT @ 5,750 RPM
Top speed 330 KM/H (205 MPH)
0 - 100 km/h (60 mph) 3.5 seconds
0 – 160 km/h (100 mph) 6.9 seconds
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