This could’ve ended a lot worse for everyone involved

Jay Leno saved a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette restomod from getting hit by a wayward Lexus IS300 that musician Rick Springfield forgot to put in park.

The 70-year-old comedian and the 1980s rockstar were filming an episode of Leno’s CNBC series Jay Leno’s Garage when the mishap happened. The scene could’ve ended a lot worse for the two celebrities and their precious rides, but thanks to Leno’s quick reaction, disaster was definitely averted.

Jay Leno Channels Superhuman Strength to Save Classic Chevrolet Corvette from a Rolling Lexus IS300
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The ordeal took place just outside the Neptune’s Net restaurant in Malibu, California where Leno and Springfield were filming a segment for Leno’s show. A video of the incident shows the two talking shop outside the restaurant. After a few seconds, Leno and Springfield jumped in each other’s cars — Springfield owned the Corvette and Leno came in the IS300 — presumably to get a feel for what the other one brought.

After about 20 seconds, Springfield hops out of Leno’s IS300, forgetting to put it in park. As the musician starts walking towards Leno, the IS300 slowly started rolling towards the parked Corvette. That’s when Leno sprung into action, jumping out of the ‘Vette to hold off the IS300 as Springfield hurriedly jumps back inside to put it in park.

Jay Leno Channels Superhuman Strength to Save Classic Chevrolet Corvette from a Rolling Lexus IS300
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The Lexus IS300 would’ve touched up the Corvette. Granted, it would’ve been a low-speed crash so the damage would’ve been nothing more than scratched paint and maybe a dented bumper, but it still would’ve cost both celebrities a good chunk of change, not to mention the embarrassment of having to tell people how the cars sustained their damages. Fortunately, Leno was quick to prevent it from happening, channeling the kind of strength required to keep the IS300 from giving Springsteen’s Corvette restomod the automotive equivalent of a shiner.

The two celebs took the incident in stride. They kept talking and even got into each other’s cars to take both for a spin around the block. All’s well that ends well.

Source: dailymail

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