• Jay Leno Comes Face-To-Face With The Rezvani Beast: Video

Sexy track car will make you rethink the possibilities if the Ariel Atom paid any attention to aesthetics

The Rezvani Beast has graced our pages a handful of times in the past couple of years and yet it seems that the track-day racer has yet to get the credit that it deserves. Chalk it up to a variety of reasons, but at the end of the day, it still doesn’t seem fair that a car like the Beast can be relegated to the sidelines while some of its contemporaries are celebrated time and time again. Fortunately, there’s nothing like an appearance at Jay Leno’s Garage that can serve as an introduction into the mainstream for the Beast.

In the latest episode of his popular motoring show, Leno hosts the Rezvani Beast and the man behind its creation, founder Ferris Rezvani. Together, the two discuss a variety of topics about the car, from its humble history all the way to the actual production of the car. Many people don’t realize that the Beast itself is actually an Ariel Atom hiding inside a sexy carbon fiber body. Really, there’s more to the Beast than meets the eye and the conversation between Leno and Rezvani slowly peeled away the process behind the car’s creation.

At the risk of spoiling anything, I’m not going to dive deep into the discussions between the two because it’s probably best if it’s heard straight from the two men talking about it. What I can tell you is that you’re going to appreciate the Rezvani Beast even more once you hear about the story behind it, somewhat expensive price tag ($165,000) notwithstanding.

In a lot of ways, Rezvani is the kind of person we hope to be but for one reason or another, we never get to be. It certainly speaks a lot about the man’s determination to see his brainchild through and the result speaks for itself. And, if nothing else, the car looks absolutely gorgeous, which is more than what I can say for some of the other barely-there track toys in the business today.

Check out the episode. It’s definitely worth the next 17 minutes of your lives.

Rezvani Beast

2016 Rezvani Beast High Resolution Exterior
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