A toy that is outside the ordinary? No, sir, this is not a toy

The now-legendary 2JZ engine that powered the fourth-generation Toyota Supra has been the subject of many tuning jobs in the past. Its robustness allows its bits and bobs to endure immense loads, which is why there are so many Supras out there packing well north of 1,000 horsepower.

Turns out, though, that there are other uses for the Toyota 2JZ engine and one of them involves powering what might as well be the land version of a jet fighter. Sort of.

What on Earth is a 2 Jet Z?

Let us put it this way: the 2 Jet Z is more of a thing than an actual car. We’re calling it that because it looks more like a fighter jet cockpit that’s been slapped with four wheels by its maker, Luis Rodriguez. We know, the name doesn’t ring any bells, but you should know that Mr. Rodriguez, who lives in New Jersey, is a sort of weekend warrior when it comes to building cars. He’s also the winner of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, an achievement that underlines just how awesome the 2 Jet Z really is.

Now, we’re still having trouble deciding whether calling the 2 Jet Z a car is right, so in the meantime, let’s see what’s so special about it besides the eccentric design that, believe it or not, was inspired by the Bonneville Salt Flats cars.

Luis Rodriguez built the 2 Jet Z entirely by hand and in an interview with Donut Media, admits that he wanted something “super futuristic yet retro.” That’s why the build sits on a tubular frame covered in aluminum sheets pounded until “every curve was perfect.” What’s more, Super Street Online found out that there are around 3,000 rivets holding the aluminum body in place

Mind you; the Toyota-sourced 2JZ 3.0-liter engine isn’t your standard 2JZ. It has a big turbo on top of it and was fitted with an AEM V1 ECU, so it now packs a considerably heftier punch than in stock form. I

n fact, it offers two power outputs, depending on how and where Luis plans to drive his contraption: 525 horsepower for daily drivability, 627 ponies on boost for the race track, with the flip of a switch, Top Gun-style.

Power travels to the asphalt through a six-speed transmission taken from a 2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

Oh, and here’s a neat quirk: the exhaust muffler is driven by the gas pedal with the aid of a dedicated cable that opens up a, wait for it, vegetable steamer (like the ones you can find in every restaurant). The vegetable steamer turned exhaust flap adjusts the gas flow but also the sound pitch and note coming out of the engine, but it also spits out the occasional flame.


Calling this thingamajig cool would be a major understatement.

In fact, it also borders on the edge of dangerous since it tips the scales at just 1,650 pounds (748 kilograms).

For the sake of the argument, the Ariel Atom tips the scales at 1,349 pounds, which is 612 kilograms. The 2 Jet Z doesn’t have any safety features whatsoever that we know of. Madness? Could be, but the line between that and utter genius is very, very thin.

By the way, we’re done talking. So head to the video below and watch Jay Leno as he lets the 2 Jet Z rip on public roads. And if you’re into similar builds, then do check out this Porsche 911 GT3 that’s powered by a KTM motorcycle engine.

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