• Jay Leno Drives Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car: Video

With the premier of the new Star Wars film — "Episode VII - The Force Awakens" — only a few days away, the folks over at Hot Wheels got their Darth Vader car out of the garage and took it for a spin over to famed car collector Jay Leno. And, I’m not talking about the 1980s Buick Grand National commonly referred to as Darth Vader’s car due to its stealthy appearance and front grille, but the actual vehicle Hot Wheels modeled after Vader’s helmet.

Yup, that little diecast model you probably bought many years back also inspired a real-size car that’s loaded with props from the old Star Wars movies and has a canopy that rises up similar to how Vader’s helmet comes off. It even emits Vader’s breathing noises, which I’m sure would scare the hell out of some people if the driver could sneak up behind them on a foggy night.

But, that would be impossible, as this strange-looking (yet cool) car is built on sixth-generation Corvette underpinnings, meaning it also packs a massive V-8. I have no idea whether it’s the 6.0-, 6.2-, or the 7.0-liter LS7, but that growl fits the car like a glove.

Before you Star Wars fans get too excited, the Darth Vader "evilmobile" is a one-off prototype, so you can’t buy one and you can’t drive it (unless you’re Jay Leno that is!). Unfortunately, it’s also not the kind of car you’re very likely to see on the road too often. Granted, Jay Leno is one lucky fellow. Hit play to watch him talk about the car with its creators before taking it for a spin in L.A.


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