With under 3,000 units produced, the Daimler SP 250 is not exactly the most common British sports car ever built. After sitting outside for about four decades, one of them had the luck of being discovered by Jay Leno, who subsequently restored it and even improved some of its features, giving it its baptism on his YouTube show.

With an overall look that is perfect for radio, the SP250 essentially follows the same criteria of just about any RWD, lightweight, roadster. You may call it an older and uglier MX5/Miata from some points of view, albeit the SP250 in the video above may be actually faster than any stock Miata. Powered by a 2.5-liter V-8 with hemispherical combustion chambers, it was good for around 140 horsepower when new. Thanks to some new carburetors and some other mods, the Daimler in Jay Leno’s collection apparently delivers around 200 horsepower.

Since the entire body is made of fiberglass, an SP250 weighs just a bit over 2,000 pounds, making Leno’s British roadster deliver a power-to-weight ratio more than worthy of the car’s original Dart moniker. As some of you know, Dodge didn’t think too kindly of that name when Daimler tried selling the car in America, so SP250 was chosen instead. If you’re up for more details about this snappy little roadster, Jay Leno’s review and test drive above is pretty exhaustive.


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