It is no secret that Jay Leno rides amongst a distinct group of automotive enthusiasts who is privileged enough to experience some of the best vehicles in the world. It appears that when the late night television comedian stopped by to unveil the latest generation Jaguar XJ luxury limousine that the self proclaimed president of the more money than brains club decided that he wanted to try out the company’s latest high performance sedan, the Jaguar XF-R.

It is only fitting that Jay, being such a gear head, persuaded the Jaguar PR folks to let him get behind the wheel of a 2010 XF-R powered by a supercharged 5.0 Liter V8 making an astonishing 510 HP. Now Mr. Leno is no stranger to big horsepower numbers, his turbocharged tank car is evidence enough of that, but it could be the added luxury and comfort that come along with high performance machine that the late night host was really eager to experience. That is one of the benefits of being a world renowned celebrity, all Jay had to do was spend a little time entertaining the XJ crowd and then he got to enjoy the XF-R all he wanted, and we thought our jobs were good.


Source: Autogespot

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  (182) posted on 07.16.2009

Now there’s the y! It’s one of the most powerful cars that I have ever known. Its even the fastest Jaguar ever. Hurray for Jay! Your riding in one fast y.

  (183) posted on 07.16.2009

Jay is probably one of the luckiest men alive having driven that beauty. I love its 20-inch Nevis aluminium-alloy wheels. I couldn’t wish but have them in my garage right now.

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