Three-box design, too cool style

BMW introduced the 02 Series back in 1966, offering up classic Bimmer style and excitement, but in a small, relatively affordable package. When BMW decided to replace the old 1.6-liter engine with a more powerful 2.0-liter, the 2002 was born, giving rise to a whole generation of iconic compact Bavarian fun boxes. Mounting the engine in front and sending power to the rear with very little weight in between made the 2002 an absolute riot to drive, and modern iterations still offer that same zest to anyone lucky enough to find him or herself in the hot seat. Jay Leno recently got a chance to experience just that in the above-featured example from 1976.

The car’s owner, Marc Norris, also owns Bavarian Workshop, an automotive service center based in Southern California that specializes in BMW’s. As such, this particular 2002 is in exceptional condition, with “just the right amount” of modifications, as Jay puts it. It’s a real looker, that much is for sure, and Jay and Marc go over every detail geeking out over the various specs and features. Afterwards, the 2002 gets to stretch its legs out on the road, and Jay puts his foot down to let the exhaust sing for a bit. If you’re a fan of BMW’s, the 2002, or just old-school-cool compacts, this is the video for you.


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