Leno has shared his thoughts about Tesla in general, the Supercharger network, hatred towards Elon, and a lot more in this 30-minute video

The Tesla Model Y is a pretty good vehicle and slots in perfectly between the Model 3 and the Model X, although it is much closer to the Model 3. Some folks even call it the crossover version of the Model 3, given the amount of part sharing between the two. The Model Y has had positive reviews generally, but it has a few flaws, just like any other vehicle. However, Jay Leno didn’t have anything bad to say about the electric crossover. It looks like the Model Y has impressed the man who generally dislikes crossovers.

What Did Jay Leno Talk About In This Video?

Jay Leno Has Nothing Bad to Say about the Tesla Model Y
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Jay Leno has reviewed the Tesla Model Y Performance in this video.

He touched almost all the bases with Tesla and the Model Y, but seemed particularly impressed with Tesla’s charging infrastructure – the Supercharger network.

He even spoke about the heat pump and why it is a big deal when it comes to conserving battery range and making it all the more efficient. Leno also appreciated the Model Y’s space inside the cabin and in the storage area as well.

Leno addressed the hatred and anger that people have against Elon and let out his thoughts on why it is silly. On a lighter note, Jay even told about how he called up Musk on his number to go ahead with his buying decision of the Model S. All-in-all, the loved celeb was all praises for Tesla and lauded the company and Musk for the efforts.

Jay Leno Has Nothing Bad to Say about the Tesla Model Y
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Check out the video for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tesla Model Y specifications
Long Range Performance
0-60 mph 4.8 seconds 3.5 seconds
Range Per Charge 316 miles 315 miles
Top Speed 135 mph 145 mph
Drivetrain Dual motor setup and all-wheel-drive Dual motor setup and all-wheel-drive
Price $52,990 $60,990
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