Comedian tries to buy a Morgan Three Wheeler from Homer Simpson

Jay Leno’s love for cars is very much well-publicized. In fact, a case can be made of him being the world’s most famous celebrity car enthusiast, a title that turned out to be pretty useful for Leno when he was invited to appear in an episode of The Simpsons.

Okay, Leno himself didn’t exactly appear in the episode but he did lend his voice to his yellow-skinned, Simpsonized counterpart, who appeared dressed in his usual denim-on-demin attire. The episode has already aired in the U.S., but for those who missed it, Leno’s role in the show tugged into his obsession for cars as he drives up on a Morgan Three Wheeler owned by Homer Simpson. Once he sees the car, Leno gets out of his 1973 Citroen DS Pallas, rings the bell of the Simpsons’ home and immediately offers to buy the Three Wheeler from the bathrobe-wearing Simpsons patriarch.

I’m not going to spoil anything that the video doesn’t show, but it does slip out a scene of Homer holding a wad of cash as he watches his Three Wheeler get shipped off to Leno’s “secret underground car depository.”

To his credit, Leno nailed the voice-over work in the episode, although it might have something to do with his character being, well, himself. At the very least, it’s a much smoother work than his past dabbles into voice-over work. Does anybody remember him as Fast Tony, the fast-talking armadillo from Ice Age: Meltdown who peddled anything he could find?

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Why it matters

Imagine having dinner with Jay Leno and Homer Simpson; the stories that would come out from that table would be nothing short of epic. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen because at least one of those people isn’t actually real. Tough luck, right?

But what was real was Leno’s guest appearance on The Simpsons. I’ve personally seen the episode and while it doesn’t crack my top 10 list of best Simpsons episode, it did come with the usual chuckles that the cartoon is famous for. Even Jay had his moments, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as his comedic background meshed well enough with the writer’s script to translate into the episode.

I did find myself chuckling the loudest when I saw the trailer for the episode, specifically the part where Leno quite candidly admitted that the writers who wrote the episode aren’t car aficionados. I mean, a marble interior on the Three Wheeler? Really? Good thing they didn’t mistook the Three Wheeler for the Peel P50, although how funny would it have been if they just used the latter instead of the Morgan just so we could watch how Homer would fit into the car.

All’s well that ends well though because Leno said he had a good time doing the voice-over work and as somebody who watched the episode over the weekend, I did think it was one of the better Simpsons episodes I’ve seen in a while.

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