This build is a product of good storytelling and expert tuning skills

The 1967 Ford Fairlane is probably not the car you’d imagine to get invited toJay Leno’s garage. But nothing about this particular Fairlane counts as ordinary. It’s the creation of Stephen Stroppe and his team over at Pure Vision Design and it bears the name Black Ops, shiny blue paint finish notwithstanding.

The created history behind this Fairlane is as colorful as its two-tone body color. According to Stroppe, it started of as an ordinary Fairlane that wasn’t different from any of the other mid-sized sedans that also used the name. But along the process of actually building it, Stroppe and his team concocted a story that eventually served as the backbone of the whole build. From there, they started working on the car, going so far as to source parts from period-correct cars, including the Mercury Cougar and fellow Ford alums of that time, the Mustang and the Shelby Cobra.

Eventually, the team managed to create a rollicking ride on four wheels. It has a 427 engine that can produce 650 horsepower, although that figure appears to be on the conservative side of the estimate as Leno himself notices during the customary test drive in the tail end of the episode. It’s an interesting car to say the least. It’s also a good example of what happens when you have good storytellers who also happen to be good at building custom cars to fit their personalities.


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