Jay Leno has seen many vehicles in his day and yet, there’s still no shortage of rides that somehow end up in his garage. This time, a Virginia-based company took center stage in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. The company, called Tanom Motors, isn’t really recognizable, but it’s product, the three-wheeler Invader, certainly caught the eye of Leno himself.

The company itself is actually pretty new, having only started in late 2010. In the span of around five years, Tanom has grown to the point that it’s already selling a handful of models, one of which is the Invader, a three-wheeled, closed-top motorcycle that’s powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa-sourced 1.3-liter engine packing 197 horsepower. That’s a pretty incredible figure for a three-wheeler, especially when you consider that the Can-Am Spyder only produces 115 ponies out of its own 1,330cc engine.

There’s a lot more to be known about the Tanom Invader, but since this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage runs over 20 minutes, it’s better if you get to watch the entirety of the episode without getting spoiled on the inner workings of the Invader. Just so you know, Leno spends a lot of time talking to Tanom Motors CFO David Young to discuss the origin of the Invader, as well as the company’s president, Sandy Hall, to talk about the engineering that led to the creation of the three-wheeled motorcycle.

Oh, and in case you’re interested to know how much the Invader costs, you can check out Tanom Motors’ official website: tanommotors.com. There you’ll see as many as six different variants of the Invader, including the “entry level” Invader TC-3 Coupe and Invader TR-3 models. These babies start at $54,900. If you want something a little more “limited”, the Invader LE Coupe retails for $60,700, while the Invader TR-3 Red Rocker starts at $61,800.

The last two variants are the high-performance models, aptly named the Invader Type-R Stage 1 and Type-R Stage 2. These bad boys retail for $66,100 and $72,600, respectively.


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