At one point, "Jay Leno’s Garage" was made up of just this car

Jay Leno’s Garage has had a string of interesting episodes recently as the noted celebrity and car enthusiast has brought in some interesting cars from all over the place to his garage. This time around, the popular automotive web series is devoid of any guest appearances because the car taking center stage – the Lamborghini Espada – is one that’s owned by Leno himself.

By and large, the Espada has remained as one of Lamborghini’s most evocative works. Leno himself admitted this when he said that it’s one of those cars that people either loved or hated. There was very little, if any, middle ground to people’s affections for the grand tourer. But even if it did earn a polarizing reputation, the Espada was still one of the most successful models Lamborghini has ever created with more than 1,200 units being made. It took the Lamborghini Countach, which to this day is credited as Lamborghini’s first real supercar, to surpass that total, a fact that wasn’t lost on Leno.

His Espada, in particular, has a unique history of its own. The comedian even recounted the time when he bought the car in 1986, choosing it over a “mid-sixties Ferrari 330 GTC,” a car that’s worth millions of dollars today. You could tell that a part of Leno regretted picking the Espada over the 330 GTC, but for the most part, he still considers this Lamborghini as one of the most important cars of his collection. It’s undergone a few restorations in its lifetime, most recently a full cosmetic restoration that has led to the car looking about as brand-new as a brand new Espada could look.

There are plenty of notable tidbits throughout this episode about the car and Leno’s experience driving it throughout the years. But because this particular episode is so interesting, it’s better if we leave the details and the stories to the comedian himself.

Lamborghini Espada

1968 - 1978 Lamborghini Espada High Resolution Exterior
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