Jay Leno usually has something very interesting in his garage, whether it’s the newest supercar accompanied by its lead engineer or some derelict pile of parts Jay plans on turning into something grand.

However, no other episode of JLG in recent memory shows just how many project the Hollywood personality is simultaneously working on. His expansive shop not only include parking spaces for all his running vehicles, but repair bays, engine dyno rooms, and motorcycle lifts that accommodate just about every type of road-going vehicle conceived.

The episode’s theme is showing what Jay is working on going into the new year. His projects include an all-electric, 1914 Detroit Electric that he is “resto-moding” with parts from a Nissan Leaf to a bunch of vintage motorcycles from the turn of the century. He’s also working to restore a Hemi-powered Cunningham with mostly original parts.

Jay has always had a thing for vehicular oddities and uncommon parts. That’s clearly apparent in this episode, so sit back and enjoy the overview of what we can expect from Jay in 2016.


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