• Jay Leno Reviews 1941 Willys Coupe: Video

The story of the car in this video is a familiar one, but the sort of thing that gearheads always find heartwarming. A man with a serious love of hot rods and drag racing built a 1941 drag machine, which was passed down to his daughter when he died. The daughter shares this love of cars and still drives the car today. The car is as classic hot-rod as they get, and the story is all you would normally need as a reason to talk about it. But after the first couple of minutes of the video, we find out that there is a bit more to it.

The new owner of this car is none other than Lynsi Snyder, the president and majority shareholder of In-N-Out Burger, a California-based chain which has always been as closely identified with car culture as a burger chain can be. And Lynsi doesn’t just own and drive this hot rod, she has a couple of her own drag cars that she uses to compete in NHRA events. She’s what we’d have called a “gentleman racer” in what was obviously a different era. Her family’s love of cars seems to have really taken.

This video is all the more interesting because Lynsi Snyder is known for being media shy, having been the target of two known kidnapping attempts. At 33, she is the youngest female billionaire in America, and most of her time is taken up with racing and running the business anyway. So this was a rare look at the car, and even if the video did end with a flat tire, it was still touching.

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