If you’ve read TopSpeed’s "Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built", then you probably already know about my passion for 1930s automobiles. If you haven’t read it yet, well, I’m just nuts about cars from that era, especially those built by Delahaye, Talbot-Lago, and Delage. Apparently Jay Leno likes 1930s European cars as well, at least judging by the number he owns. And after months of featuring cars built after World War II, Jay Leno finally received an Art Deco beauty in his famous Garage. The vehicle in question, a 1937 Talbot-Lago Type 150 CS, is downright gorgeous to look at and made it to the show courtesy of Peter Mullin, the founder of Mullin Automotive Museum, the place that hosts the largest collection of Art Deco cars from the 1930s.

As with most vehicles bodied by Figoni et Falaschi, the 150 CS is unique in appearance. Featuring a teardrop shape that exudes both speed and elegance, the grand tourer is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever built. Originally owned by Woolf Barnato, chairman of Bentley Motors back in the day, the 150 CS was purchased by Mullin in 1985, who restored it to its initial glory.

Figoni et Falaschi built 14 cars in this configuration, and, fortunately enough, 13 of them are still in existence. Unfortunately for Leno though, no owner seems willing to part with his 150 CS. Watch Jay lust after Mullin’s flawless French classic.

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