It’s not often we see Jay Leno driving slow or underpowered vehicles. But when he does, his video reviews are equally enticing. After showcasing his massive 1950 Nash Airflyte in December 2014, and the stylish, yet not-exactly-quick 1971 Citreon DS in January 2015, the former TV show host hopped in a 1966 Volkswagen Bus. Also known as the Camper, Kombi, Microbus or Transporter, the first-generation VW Bus is as iconic as the Volkswagen Beetle, and arguably the world’s most celebrated minivan. To top it off, the Bus you’re about to see belongs to Gabriel Iglesias. You know, the "I’m not fat, I’m fluffy" stand-up comedian who’s into classic cars, besides nearly inflicting death by laughter during his live shows.

As you might expect, the conversation between the two is sprinkled with plenty of giggle-inducing moments, including Iglesias explaining how he learned to drive a stick from his sister. On a more serious note, the comedian reveals that his father owned a 1968 Volkswagen Bus, which became his first car, until he sold it to get something a bit more reliable. He began missing the Bus as soon as he parted with it, so he eventually went on to buy another one, this time from 1966. But enough with the spoilers, just click play to learn the full story behind Iglesias’ classic minivan.


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