Jay Leno may have a bunch of crazy cars in his garage, but he definitely misses the world’s craziest and fastest Lotus. The car in question is the Ronin RS 211, a 680-horsepower beast based on the Elise. Well, it’s not really a Lotus anymore given this four-wheeled missile bears only a few Elise parts underneath that carbon-fiber body, but you get my drift.

The supercar you’re about to see in the video above started out as a 2005 Lotus Elise and became what it is today after a Porsche rear-ended it. Although the Lotus was totaled, owner Frank Profera didn’t give up on it and, taking inspiration from the Lotus 2-Eleven, built the insane roadster known as Ronin RS 211. Spectacular to look at, this open-cockpit racer for the road is also insanely powerful and fast. Profera rebuilt the Toyota-sourced, 1.8-liter engine into a twin-turbocharged monster that cranks out 680 horsepower.

How fast is it? Well, let’s say that it can put a lot of modern supercars to shame. And while I’m excited at the thought this machine has 680 ponies traveling to the wheels, what I like most about it are its Can-Am-style rearview mirror and fixed rear wing. I bet Denny Hulme would love to give the Ronin a good hooning at Road America. Meanwhile, let’s watch Jay Leno drive one of the very few cars he can’t actually buy.

2006 Lotus Elise S

2006 Lotus Elise S
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