When Jay Leno went to the UK a few months ago, he had a couple of appointments he had to go to, two of which included his guest appearance on the highly-popular auto show Top Gear and an invitation to take a tour of the McLaren headquarters in Woking. What wasn’t brought to our attention was when he was there, he was also given a chance to ride the new McLaren MP4-12C.

Together with McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin, Leno rode shotgun around the Top Gear race track in England on the MP4-12C with Leno providing commentary on how the car felt while it was taking its run on the track.

After the ride, the two continue their discussion about the car with Goodwin explaining the finer points of how the MP4-12C is unlike any other supercar on the face of the earth.


Source: Sunday Times

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  (612) posted on 01.7.2010

Hooray for Jay Leno! That lucky bastard! We all know how passionate Jay Leno is when it comes to cars because that tard have great car collection and for an opportunity to ride a McLaren MP4-12C, he ensembles to catch all the luck in the world where I want to burn all of his cars.

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