"If Detroit doesn’t take desperate measures, the end of the U.S. auto industry could be nasty, brutish, and long." This is what Portfolio Magazine reports in their latest issue. And what can be done in this case? In an interview with the same magazine, Jay Leno says that the answer is not smaller cars, but better cars.

There is a big dilemma in the American auto industry: nobody build better truck or performance cars than the Americans do. And the best example is the Corvette Z06: it has an output of 505 hp, comes with a big warranty, and can hit 200 mph. It weighs almost exactly the same as a half-million-dollar Porsche Carrera GT and gets higher mileage—26 miles per gallon. So, where’s the problem? Quality!

When you get into a high-priced, well-made American car today and the key is in the ignition, you hear a melodic bong, bong. But when you get in a cheap American car, like a rental, and the key is left in, it goes plink, plink, plink. It’s just horrible. Every time you use the turn signal, it’s like breaking a chicken leg. In order to make the more expensive car more appealing, U.S. companies feel as though they have to dumb down the cheaper car.

If Americans would have the chance they would buy American cars, they just want the same quality as they can find at the competition.

Good news is that in the past few years the auto makers understood this problem and they started to build better cars, meaning better quality on the interior. For example, Cadillac has a line of small four-door sedans that are, if not quite the rival of Audi or Mercedes, pretty darn close for quite a bit less money.

But, no matter what happens, do not expect all American cars to go Eurosize. American buttocks are not getting any smaller.

Source: Portfolio

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AK47  (1024) posted on 06.3.2008

"There is a big dilemma in the American auto industry: nobody build better truck or performance cars than the Americans do."

Don’t make me laugh. Jay Leno used the Z06 as an example because it is the only car from GM that gives decent gas mileage. How many performance cars do you actually have where you one is not required to pay the gas guzzler taxes?

Lack of quality is no big secret either.

AK47  (520) posted on 06.3.2008

Jay Leno is right, most of the american cheap cars are rubbish compared to the european or the japanese cars. the interior is made from cheap materials, is ugly, and the ride is terrible. the american car companies should invest more in their products

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