• Jay Leno Says The 1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Drives Like a Car

The Ferret graduated from army duties to private car collections

We’ve seen Jay Leno’s YouTube channel feature all sorts of vehicles of various shapes and sizes over the years. Somehow, we’re used to the man getting to drive every wheeled machine out there that’s destined for civilian use. That’s why seeing Leno next to a Ferret armored car just made our interest pique.

Jay Leno Says The 1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Drives Like a Car
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Back in 1949, when Daimler was commissioned by the British Army to develop a modern successor for its WW2 light reconnaissance vehicles, the carmaker took inspiration from the Canadian Ford Lynx scout car as well as one of its own previous projects - the Dingo.

Just north of 4,400 Ferrets were assembled between 1952 and 1971 and although the scout isn't in service for the British Army anymore, there are still countries where it serves, including the likes of Jordan, Pakistan, or India.
Jay Leno Says The 1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Drives Like a Car
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The Ferret’s relatively compact size allowed it to navigate with ease through urban areas but it was still rough and able enough to carve its way through rugged terrain.

It could do that thanks to a four-wheel-drive setup seasoned by run-flat tires and a Rolls-Royce B60 straight-six petrol engine good for about 130 horsepower. Operational range was 190 miles (310 kilometers) and the 3.7-ton scout could go as fast as 58 mph (93 kph) while harboring a crew of two.

1959 Ferret Armoured Scout specifications
Engine Rolls-Royce B60 straight-six petrol
Horsepower 130 HP
Range 190 miles
Top Speed 58 mph
Jay Leno Says The 1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Drives Like a Car
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On the weapons front, the Ferret could feature a machine gun mounted on the turret and six grenade launchers attached directly on to the hull, three on each side. After being decommissioned by countries such as Australia, the U.K., France, Croatia, and Portugal, the Ferret started to attract interest from private collectors willing to pay $20,000 to $30,000 for one.

Jay Leno gets up close and personal with a Mk2 1959 Ferret and you’re invited to discover its quirks and features in the video below. He also believes the Ferret to be the perfect car for Los Angeles, so there’s that, too.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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