Jeep owners from across the country gathered in Daytona, Florida this past weekend for the annual Jeep Beach, and in doing so, set the Guinness World Record for the longest Jeep vehicle parade at 1,846 Jeeps.

The record easily surpasses the last Jeep-held record of its kind, set in 2011 at the Bantam Jeep Festival with 1,106 Jeeps. This also marks the second recent record-breaking parade for FCA, with the Ram Truck brand taking home a trophy after having a 3.2-mile-long parade filled with 438 Ram trucks.

The Jeep Beach parade record took place April 26 at the hallowed Daytona International Speedway’s 2.5 mile-long oval track, with Jeeps packed nearly bumper to bumper. Though the Wrangler dominated the numbers, other Jeep vehicles participated in the event, including the new 2015 Renegade; the Cherokee, both old and new; the Grand Cherokee; and even several of the 2015 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, including the Staff Car, Chief, Wrangler Africa, Cherokee Canyon Trail, and the Renegade Desert Hawk.

Thought he parade steals the headlines, the Jeep Beach event lasted all week long, and involved thousands of participants, more than 2,400 vehicles, and countless venders selling Jeep gear. An obstacle course was erected within the Speedway’s infield, consisting of challenges from mild dirt tracks to fierce concrete rubble rocks.

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Jeep Beach Breaks Guinness World Record with Longest Jeep Parade
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The rock crawling event demanded drivers give their all, with shifting boulders and jagged edges. More than a few Jeeps ended upside down after placing a tire incorrectly. Jeep Beach organizers had large front-end loaders to pull stranded Jeeps off the rocks.

Jeep Beach Breaks Guinness World Record with Longest Jeep Parade
- image 628550

Venders from around the country came to show off and sell their latest products.

Source: FCA

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