• Jeep Compass hits the streets.

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How does the new Jeep Compass fit into the 4X4 marketplace.

Where will the new Jeep Compass fit into the 4X4 market place?

Jeep Compass hits the streets.

The Chrysler Group have launched their much awaited Jeep Compass a vehicle that is supposed to attack the small SUV market.

Looking at it you would think that the mini Jeep would be as great as the Cherokee or Grand Cherokee, however there are first reports coming in and they are not that brilliant, mainly from the Jeep purists who appear to see this as a car rather than a real 4X4 Jeep, the Jeep that won the war and brought us the Cherokee which is probably the most popular and favoured Jeep of all time, how can any new concept vehicle new to the market compete with that? Well it is easy really Jeep are not looking at the regular Jeep owners, after all they will always buy their favoured 4X4, it a new market that Jeep are after, the young and the trendy, the mother taking the kids to school and then onto the supermarket, this is the market that the Jeep Compass is targeted at, and for that particular sector the Jeep Compass is the perfect.

Prices start at $15,985. For more details; Jeep Compass.

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Source: Jeep Compass hits the streets.

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