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The Jeep® brand is expanding into new territory with the 2007 Jeep Compass — a new type of Jeep vehicle for non-traditional Jeep buyers — and will introduce the Compass in an integrated marketing campaign that tells the Jeep story to younger consumers who may not have previously considered the brand.

Bobblehead characters, infectious music and a media mix that includes traditional and non-traditional media will reach the Jeep Compass prospects where they live, work and play.

The integrated campaign includes television, print, radio, interactive, customer relationship marketing, events and “out-of-home” marketing components.

“The Jeep Compass will attract younger buyers to the Jeep brand and is seen as modern, upscale, urban and attractive by general market, African American, Hispanic and Asian American consumers alike,” said John Plecha, Director – Jeep Marketing and Global Communications. “Smart, clever, effective and integrated communications are critical to reaching this audience and making the Jeep Compass a success.”

Typical Jeep Compass owners are expected to be between 22-30 years old, single, college educated and live in a “downtown” area of a big city. They are fun, open, carefree individuals with an adventurous mindset who like to get away to recharge and reconnect with friends.

To reach this audience, Jeep created a “bobblehead world” of characters representing a cross-section of typical Compass buyers. Their world is centered around the Jeep Compass, and the ads establish it as a fun, hip and youthful vehicle that keeps life moving in style through the city. Bobblehead figures have long been perceived as fun, entertaining and recognizable characters that have mass appeal among the Jeep Compass target.

“These younger buyers are marketing savvy consumers who are passionate about their fashion, music, entertainment and sports,” said Jay Kuhnie, Director – Jeep Communications. “Having a piece of Jeep fun, freedom and adventure is exciting and inspirational for them.”

TV Spots Descriptions

The first spot, “Bounce,” uniquely demonstrates how owning Jeep Compass is a way to “keep moving” by becoming truly independent and the envy of all who see it. The driver of the Compass, a bobblehead, drives through urban streets catching the eye of many other bobbleheads admiring his new wheels. The spot closes with all the bobbleheads who envied the Compass bouncing to the music in the back of the vehicle under a mirrored ball as if they were in a dance club. The spot closes with the voice over, “It’s your life. Keep it moving. Introducing the totally new Jeep Compass, for just $15,985. It’s freedom in a whole new dimension.”

In “Gear,” the Jeep Compass drives by a street-side music store with guitars, amps and keyboards filling the windows. A little old bluesman bobblehead sits in front of the store and rocks his head as the Jeep Compass drives by. The driver and passenger look at each other and then at the back of the Compass with its seats up. In the next shot, the seats are now down and the amps are in the back of the Compass. The spot closes with our blues guy also in the back playing his guitar and bobbing his head happily. The voice over says, “The totally new Jeep Compass. With fold-flat passenger seats and a removable load floor, there’s no end to the cool stuff you can take along for the ride.”

With gas prices at an all-time high, the “Phil” spot communicates how the all-new Jeep Compass with full-time Freedom Drive I™ four-wheel drive allows consumers to “keep it moving” by getting 30 miles per gallon in their Jeep Compass. The spot opens with two bobbleheads — a male driver and female passenger — inside the Jeep Compass. They approach a gas station with a “sad looking” bobblehead attendant, but drive past it, then return to throw away a cup in the station’s trash can. The vehicle then drives away again, without buying any gas, as the attendant looks on shaking his head in disbelief. All the time, the driver’s and passenger’s heads are bobbing to the music.

The spot, “Monday,” opens with the Jeep Compass driving down the highway in the carpool lane. Cutting inside the vehicle, there are bobblehead passengers dressed in their different work clothes. The spot cuts to the driver as he turns up the stereo system as his passengers bob to the beat of the music. One by one, the passengers “fly out” of the vehicle as they get to their respective work destination with one hitting an elevator floor button to get to her destination and another landing in his office cubicle. The voice over says, “The totally new Jeep Compass. With an available 458-watt Boston Acoustics stereo…MP3 input…and available SIRIUS Satellite radio… It’s never been more fun to give your friends a lift to work.”

All of the spots close with “Jeep Compass. Freedom, in a whole new dimension.”

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