Model would sit below the Jeep Renegade and take its place as the company’s baby model

On the heels of unveiling the facelifted Jeep Grand Cherokee and a pair of special edition models to commemorate its 75th anniversary, Jeep boss Mike Manley unloaded another interesting bit of news that should get fans of the brand hyped and excited. Speaking with Autocar, Manley admitted that there’s a possibility the company will build an all-new model that would slow below the Renegade and serve as Jeep’s response to the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

Manley didn’t dive into the details of what Jeep’s cooking up, but if the model does come to fruition, it’s still going to have the off-road qualities that Jeep is known for. The question now is whether or not the company will follow the same quirky design spirit of the Juke, a model that isn’t exactly a beacon of conventional styling.

It’s still unclear how far along Jeep is in the discussions about such a model, but one thing’s likely; it’s not going to arrive anytime soon. That said, there are reports that Jeep’s India division is working on a B-segment SUV. It reportedly even has a codename - 526 - and is described as being less than four meters (13.12 feet) long. Manley didn’t say if there’s any connection between that model and the company’s overarching plans of building a sub-Renegade model, but it does sound like something that’s worth keeping tabs on.

What happens to the Jeep Renegade in the event this baby Jeep arrives?

I’m not the biggest fan of the Nissan Juke but I do understand why it’s become a popular model for Nissan. Deep within the massive SUV segment is a small pocket of young customers - call it a sub-segment - who prefer small crossovers that convey a unique identity about themselves. A car like the Juke fits their profile directly.

For the most part, the Renegade has been that model for Jeep. It still has that retro-styled Jeep look to it and it’s not big enough to throw off young, single customers who prefer their rides to fit their style and personality. But, here’s my question: why build a Juke fighter when the Renegade already fits the bill?

I get the part about developing a model that fits directly into the wheelhouse that was somehow created by the Juke. But, if that model arrives, wouldn’t it overlap with the Renegade already? I mean, the Juke’s price range ($21,100 to $28,000) is already higher than the Renegade ($18,000 to $28,000). But Jeep wants to build a smaller version? What happens to the Renegade then?

Obviously, I’m not going to question the company and its rationale for considering certain models. These guys definitely know a lot more about it than I do. But I do think that those questions are valid, for whatever they’re worth.

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Source: Autocar

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