For a lot of people, it makes no difference whatsoever who is picked to replace Clarkson, Hammond and May on whatever form Top Gear takes next. For them, the show will never be the same and that’s just the end of it; but even so, the ongoing train wreck that is the BBC’s attempt to salvage the incredibly valuable brand is still fascinating. So even if you’re only reading this out of schadenfreude, it is interesting to note that rumors have come out that F1 driver Jenson Button will be joining the new cast. This follows the actual official announcement that Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans will helm the new incarnation of the show.

There is also a second rumor that Evans and Button will be joined by former model Jodie Kidd. Both Evans and Kidd are well known for being hardcore enthusiasts, and both set some seriously impressive lap times in separate appearances as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. It’s safe to say that Button knows a thing or two about cars as well, although the ability to win Formula 1 races isn’t all that closely related to the ability to host a TV show. At all, actually. But hey! Just look at that smile.

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Why it matters

With the exception of the fact that we know Chris Evans to be involved in the new incarnation of the show, these are all just rumors thus far. That said, these are solid picks, people who know what they’re talking about and have talent behind the wheel. But that isn’t what’s really important. The thing that made the previous incarnation of Top Gear so great was the chemistry between the hosts, and how well their personalities played off each other. It wasn’t always this way, but the early seasons where they were still getting comfortable with one another all happened before the show became the towering hit that it would be later. The new version of the show won’t have the the luxury of working out the kinks in relative obscurity, and the producers had better be praying that this new trio hits it off really well.

Source: DailyMail

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