Jeremy Clarskon has ordered a Gallardo Spyder, altough it was not quite his wish. So how did he ends up in a Lamborghini dealer chosin the color for his next car? He has to thanks to James May for that.

He took Clarkson to a dealer Lamboghini, altough he says "I am allergic to spending money". Clarkson admit he likes the new baby Lambo, but he prefers the Ferrari F430. When They arrived at the dealer May choose a color for him: sky-blue paintwork, an orange roof, a lime-green interior and purple wheels.

Clarkson ignored him and went back home. But after a few days he got an email "saying my car was about to be built and they wanted to know what colour to paint it". And how he is a man of his word he decided to go and buy it, with the F430 in his mind.

"Both cars are as exciting to drive as being on fire and then putting yourself out by jumping over Niagara Falls. But in the Ferrari you feel like you’re in flame retardant clothes and that you have a parachute. You feel in control; you feel connected." And comparing to the F430 the Gallardo is also more expensive.

So, Clarkson will have his Spyder done this month and will have to pay $295.000 for it.

Source: TopGear

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pdaix  (431) posted on 02.1.2007

you would think that lamborghini would make a really special car for him and give it for free smiley becaus eif the spider got one little failure.. you can bet he will open his big mouth about it, lol

Lambo people, better not sell a Lemon to Clarkson or you will loose lots of sales.

Just my 2 cents to run the business smiley

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