Who knew that the man who hates manual labor could actually change a tire

Jeremy Clarkson may have a deep-rooted aversion to manual labor, but that didn’t stop the famous motoring host from helping British TV personality and socialite Binky Felstead change a flat tire in London. Those who have followed Clarkson’s exploits in Top Gear and The Grand Tour are well versed in his annoyance with doing anything that involves breaking a sweat. So seeing him change a tire in real life is a pleasant surprise, if not a bit jarring.

Jeremy Clarkson Changing a Flat Tire

The scene played out in front of a throng of paparazzi in the busy streets of London. If you haven’t seen the video, you might not even believe it. But go check it out, and you’ll see the unmistakable physical specimen that is Jeremy Clarkson, on his knees, helping TV personality Binky Felstead, in her moment of need.

The former Made in Chelsea star appeared out of her element as she vainly tried to get the flat tire off of her Volkswagen. In stepped Jezza, who somehow managed to get the job done, even if conventional wisdom dictated that he would’ve phoned either James May or Richard Hammond to come over and change Felstead’s flat tire for him. It turns out, he was the man for the job, succeeding in a task few thought he would never do.

Not surprisingly, Clarkson appeared winded after changing the flat tire. He even sought the help of a paparazzi photographer to finish the task of lowering the car jack. And, in true Clarkson fashion, he didn’t waste a good opportunity to marvel in his efforts, apparently telling those around him “now that’s how you change a tire!”

Jeremy Clarkson Does the Unthinkable on the Side of the Road
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While it is nice to see Jezza helping somebody out for a change, he couldn’t let the moment pass without throwing himself a shout-out. Then again, that’s Clarkson being Clarkson.

In related news, filming of the third and potentially last season of The Grand Tour has started. It’s still unclear where the trio is headed this season, but segments have already filmed in locations like Detroit and Sweden. The third season is expected to hit Amazon Prime sometime at the end of the year.


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