Jeremy Clarkson hurt by Ben Collins’ decision to out himself as The Stig

If there’s one thing history has taught us, it’s that there will always be turncoats; people who turned their back on allies, friends, and even fans for the allure of chasing their personal goals. Benedict Arnold did it before when he defected to the British Army during the American Revolutionary War and more recently, star athlete LeBron James burned the hearts of Cleveland by “taking his talents” to Miami.

And now, if you ask Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, you can add Ben Collins’ name to that list.

In a recent taped interview, Clarkson wasted little time in talking about the controversial Collins and how he was felt deeply betrayed by what the masked test driver did. At the same event, although not captured on video, the affable host of Top Gear even went as far as calling the latter “The Greedy Twat” to emphasize what he really felt about the man who outed himself as The Stig, the mysterious and enigmatic test driver of the hit BBC show, and in the process turned his back on the show that, ironically, made him famous.

Check out the entire video interview over at Witney TV and skip all the way to the 27-minute mark to listen to Clarkson talk about Ben Collins in his own words.


Source: Witney TV UK

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  (331) posted on 09.8.2010

The past Stig is cool, but the way he make an exit and tells something about the network who made him famous is really bad.

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