Learn about what he drives, how turbos work, and if he’s going to kill James May on camera

Any car guy that watched the old TopGear has dreamed, at one point or another, of taking on the role of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, or Richard Hammond. And really, who wouldn’t love to play with cars, perform stunts, and get paid big money doing it. Well, just earlier this week, Jeremy Clarkson started a Q&A session on Facebook where he answered a number of random questions asked by a some of the 274,993 of his followers on Facebook.

As you can imagine, the questions piled up fast. With Clarkson being a self-proclaimed “new boy to Facebook,” you better believe he didn’t have the time to answer very many of the questions that flowed in like a water rushing after the floodgates are dropped. He did manage to answer some, however, and he certainly had some interesting things to say. Of course, he was also asked some pretty interesting questions.

With that said, I’ve gone through the entire list and pulled out a few of the best questions and answers to talk about. We learn a little bit about Clarkson, how he really feels about his two partners, and his opinion on how turbochargers work. As you would expect from an entertainer like Clarkson, most of his answers are pretty funny, so let’s take a look at what we learned from his Q&A on the book of face.

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A Little About Clarkson

There is no doubt that fans had a lot of interesting questions about Clarkson himself. One fan asked what he thought the greatest supercar ever made was. Clarkson’s answer, like many of the others, was short and to the point, with him saying nothing more than “Ferrari F40.” Furthermore, we also found out that Botswana was his favorite country because he’s had happy times there, and that he drives a Golf GTI. Of course, he didn’t elaborate on what year GTI he drives, but he did follow up by saying “Cool, Eh?” We also found out that Clarkson would, in fact, buy a Dacia Sandero. However, he said he would only buy on “If he was poor.” Out of all the car questions he received and answered, on of the funniest was:

Q: “What is your favorite Peugeot?”
A: “That’s like asking me to name my favorite eye infection.”

Thoughts About Hammond and May

Needless to say, Clarkson isn’t a fan of Peugeot. Even better than that, however, is how he feels about his two partners in crime. When asked how about whether or not most of the new show has been shot in the U.K. or abroad, and if he had done any “real world tests,” he replied with a picture of James May and the response: “Well I’m in Dorset now with this idiot. Is that real world enough for you?” Furthermore, poor James May was the butt of several other jokes as well. When Clarkson was asked how gray May’s hair is, Clarkson replied with “It’s a wig.” And the best question was: “Are you going to kill James May on camera?” Clarkson’s humorous response was “I’d like to do that.” Clarkson was also asked about how short Richard Hammond is, and he replied with just one word – “Stupidly.”

Clarkson on Himself and Turbos

This is all good stuff, and all for a good laugh. It’s definitely worth a few “lols” and “LMFAOs,” but how does Clarkson feel about himself and how does he think turbos work? Well, those are easy answers. When asked how turbos work, Clarkson replied with “I’ve explained this before: witchcraft.” Best of all, though, was his response to the comment “Hands down, the best presenter, in the world…!” All Clarkson could say was “I agree.”


So, in conclusion, Clarkson’s Q&A has taught us that Hammond is stupidly short, James May wears a wig and should fear for his life anytime he is on camera with Clarkson around, and that Clarkson drives a Golf GTI and also feels that he is the greatest presenter in the world. The Q&A received new questions well into the next day, but just 28 minutes after starting Clarkson posted his last response to the Q&A: “Sorry. I’m entering the countryside now and my force is weak.” That was the last we heard from him.

As of the time of this writing nearly 3,000 questions have been asked, and more than 9,000 people had liked or reacted to his Q&A session. So, as a word of advice, next time Clarkson does a Q&A, you better get on there to ask your question quick – you never know when he will lose his oneness with the force.

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