As much as we, at TopSpeed, enjoy Top Gear and its presenter Jeremy Clarkson, we do still wonder how he can have a whole country so captivated that he would come in first in a housesitter pole.

When 1,182 residents of the Sceptered Isle were polled about who they would like to have as a celebrity housesitter, Jeremy Clarkson won. The automotive journalist and TV presenter beat out BBC presenter Christine Bleakley, home improvement guru Sarah Beeny and singer Cheryl Cole. A Lord came in the fifth and Wayne Rooney from Manchester United came sixth.

This list is one of the most confusing that we have seen. Rooney, who is in the tabloids every week wouldn’t be somebody that we would trust to guard our valuables.

We think, instead of Clarkson, have James May do it. Chances are he would have fixed up everything that was broken by the time you got back.

Hit the jump for the press release.

Jeremy Clarkson voted ’Top Gear’ of celebrity house sitters

Despite having a bit of a reputation for destroying things (mainly caravans), motoring expert Jeremy Clarkson topped a recent poll as the celebrity most people would like to look after their house while they are away on holiday.
Users of Britain’s number one comparison site,, backed Clarkson over other potential celebrity house sitters including X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, BBC One Show presenter Christine Bleakley and property expert Sarah Beeny. Almost a third of the respondents voted in favour of leaving him in charge of their home.

The full results were:

1. Jeremy Clarkson (28%)

2. Christine Bleakley (23.9%)

3. Sarah Beeny (23.8%)

4. Cheryl Cole (14.2%)

5. Lord Alan Sugar (6.3%)

6. Wayne Rooney (3.7%)

Clare Francis, site editor of said: "I’m surprised Jeremy Clarkson topped the list especially with Sarah Beeny in the running and her background in property. I have a sneaky suspicion that many of us may be keener to see the car that he turns up in, rather than thinking about his ability to look after the house. Having a Ferrari parked on the drive would definitely give the neighbours something to talk about!

"Although it would be nice to have the opportunity to have a celebrity house sit while you are away, many of us won’t ever have that luxury. If you are leaving your property empty for any period of time, then make sure you have adequate home contents insurance in place to protect you while you are away. Most policies cover you for leaving your property empty for around 30 days a year, but if your property will be empty for longer, then you should inform your insurer."

Source: Money Supermarket

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  (444) posted on 07.20.2011

Well, James, Jeremy and May have formed an awesome tandem and the show never gets boring with them. And I think the presence of Tiff Niddell is not anymore needed.

  (334) posted on 07.20.2011

I guess the voters haven’t been mistaken for choosing Jeremy Clarkson to be one of the hosts of Top Gear UK. The best part is, they are currently aired for their Season 17! I love the tandem of these trio and each episode are very exciting.

  (314) posted on 06.15.2011

I was thinking before that the combination of Jeremy Clarkson and Tiff Niddell would make show even funnier! However, the tandem of the trio in Top Gear UK is not bad after all.

  (415) posted on 06.15.2011

Wow! So this is this the humble beginning of the highest rating car show- Top Gear. Well, it seems that the voters were a good judge.

  (427) posted on 05.31.2011

Well, not bad if they include Tiff Niddell in this show, he looks great and keen like Clarkson. BTW, I wonder how does May and Richard was added in the car TV series?

  (377) posted on 05.31.2011

So, this survey is the origin of the Top Gear UK. We all know on how successful is
their TV Show and it seems that the voters have the right pulse to vote Jeremy Clarkson as
one of the host of this car show!

  (619) posted on 10.22.2010

that pic is funny though. i have seen ,many uses that pic.

  (274) posted on 08.15.2010

Woah! How fast does the car go that it stretch his face?.

  (417) posted on 06.20.2010

hahaha nice face jeremy. it shows that you need a roof of the car.

  (379) posted on 06.17.2010

hahaha this is the way convertible car is to be driven..

  (313) posted on 06.16.2010

huh they should also include the Fifth Gear auto journalist Tiff niddell.

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