If you were at all worried for Jeremy Clarkson after he was fired from the BBC, and perhaps fretted that his move from TV to internet programming would mean a pay cut, you can now rest easy. The details of Clarkson, May and Hammond’s deal with Amazon have just emerged, and it turns out that Amazon is willing to spend an absolute fortune on the show. Clarkson will be getting £9.6 million ($14.7 million) per year with the new show, up from the £1 million ($1.5 million) he was getting from the BBC. Hammond, May and producer Andy Wilman will each get £7.2 million ($11 million), up from the £500,000 ($765,000) they got from the BBC.

What’s really amazing is the budget for the show itself, not counting the hosts’ salaries. This has also increased dramatically, going from £500,000 ($765,000) per episode to a whopping £4.5 million ($6.9 million). Wilman most likely put it best when he said that the new budget would allow them to “run f**king riot.” The difference is fairly staggering, but few people were complaining that the show looked cheap or had low production values before, and one wonders whether all of that extra money will even be noticed by the viewers.

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Why it matters

The increase in money being spent on the show is staggering, but as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said, the presenters are “worth a lot, and they know it.” This is evidenced by the fact that Amazon wasn’t the only one making them offers. ITV also tried to scoop them up, but Amazon just had more money. Amazon is spending the money in an effort to match the market presence currently enjoyed by Netflix, Amazon’s biggest competitor. Netflix has four times the subscribers that Amazon Prime has, and a big-name show like this could tilt the numbers a bit more toward Amazon, the way shows like House of Cards did for Netflix.

Source: Mirror

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