You’d think now that he’s married, Jerry Seinfeld would finally stop with the fancy toys already. Instead, the 47-year-old comedian seems to be adding to his ever-growing collection of pricey sports cars.

Seinfeld has been obsessed with Porsches for years. In his old production office, he kept several miniature Porsches on display, right beside his Superman action figures. A chart on the wall helped him keep track of the maintenance record of all his real cars.

He spent $1.4 million and two years having a 20-car garage-gallery built in Manhattan for his mechanical masterpieces.

The collection’s centerpiece is a $700,000 Porsche 959, one of only 200 ever built. To Jerry’s frustration, he isn’t allowed to drive it. US government emissions and crash-test standards have never been tested on the car because Porsche refuses to hand over four vehicles for destruction tests. Jerry, therefore, has had to bring in his rare Porsche under an "exhibition only" clause — the car must never set rubber on an American road.

Included in Jerry’s collection is a 1959 straight-16 GT speedster; a Porsche 911S; a 1955 Spyder 550 — the same model and pearl-grey color actor James Dean was driving when he crashed and died in September 1955 near Cholame, Calif. At a recent count, Jerry had 47 Porsches parked in his garage. Jerry loves Porsches so much he gave his wife, Jessica Sklar, a 1958 Porsche 1600 Speedster as a wedding present in 1999. The car cost him a reported $40,000, chump change for the yada-yada king who topped Forbes magazine’s list of top-earning celebs of 1998, when he raked in $267 million. 

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