Jesse James has never been one to turn down a challenge. The man has been never been associated with the words ‘conservative’ and ‘meek’. So it comes as no surprise that James is set to take on yet another challenge that, should he be successful, would put him on the annals of the Guiness Book of World records.

In his latest show, Jesse James is a Dead Man, the impetuous engineer, stuntman, and resident whack job is set to attempt a stunt that is as every bit as dangerous as all the others he has done in his life. Using a hydrogen-powered vehicle, James will attempt to break the land-speed record and in doing so, add this achievement to an already stellar list of ridiculous stunts he’s done throughout his career.

The weapon of destruction James is set to use is actually no stranger to speed record attempts. Called the Streamliner, the machine was most famously used by Dees-Milodin Engineering in their own attempt at history. Despite being an artifact – it was built in the 60’s! – James is pulling all the stops in rebuilding the Streamliner into a speeding bullet. He’s putting in a twin-turbocharged 9.8L V8 engine from Chevrolet and will be exclusively using hydrogen gas to power his rocket ship.

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Judging from the Streamliner’s long history of record attempts – at one attempt it was able to hit 237 mph without the use of hydrogen – it’s pretty much a given that James will leave no stone unturned in his attempt to conquer the land-speed record.

For all the stunts James has done, it’s not surprising that he’s taking this attempt in stride. “I’m not even scared,” the confident James said. Coming from a man who’s probably had one too many brushes with death itself, you take it for what it is.

After all, this is Jesse James, the same man who’s married to Sandra Bullock – who in a twist of irony made a movie called ‘Speed’. He’s done many dangerous stunts in his life and his attempt to break the land-speed record is probably just a walk in the park for him.

If you want to see the attempt for yourself, be sure to watch s show Jesse James is a Dead Man on Spike TV. We’re pretty sure that the show is must-see TV.

Source: Motorauthority

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