• Jesse James stamps his name in record books by breaking the land speed record for a hybrogen powered vehicle

A few weeks back, Top Speed told you about Jesse James and his suicidal pursuits to push himself farther and harder than he ever has before. As part of his on-going television series, Jesse James is a Dead Man, Mr. James has set out to perform some of the craziest and looniest stunts we’ve ever seen tried to escape from a burning fuselage as preparation for this record setting attempt.

While some might question the credibility and ‘bad ass factor’ of some of his stunts, there’s no denying that James’ main event stunt is as legitimate as it gets. The man who shot to mainstream fame with his hit sow Monster Garage, recently attempted a stunt that – if he would have been successful – would have shot his name immediately into the annals of the Guiness Book of World Records.

As you may know by now, James wanted to break the land speed record for a hydrogen-fueled vehicle. After months of preparation, James finally took his stab at greatness at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed at the Mojave Desert. In a daring display of courage and bravado, James accomplished his mission and the broke record that has long consumed him. After hitting 199.7 mph on the Streamliner, James bested the previous record set of 185 mph, which was set by the BMW H2R.

Of course, James received help from a number of individuals, all of which played a vital role in his attempt to shatter the record. Land speed racer Mike Cook – a legend in his own right – was on-hand to offer some valuable advice not only on the design of the car, but for James as well. Another important person to partake in this attempt was Kurt (not Keith) Urban, who flew all the way from Detroit to help develop the hydrogen engine James used in the Streamliner.

We haven’t gotten any word yet as to how James celebrated his monumental achievement, but we’re guessing that Sandra Bullock had something to do with it.

Then again, that’s how Jesse James rolls. Break a world record and celebrate with your hot Hollywood wife – all in a day’s work.

Source: PR Newswire

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