Few people have gone this fast on four wheels

What do you get when you cross a fighter jet with Goodyear rubber and tiny cockpit? You get a jet dragster that could quite literally take flight if it had wings. In this video, we see the Fifty Cal jet dragster making a run during test and tune night at RT66 back in September of 2014.

It’s hard to say much without ruining the video, but to put things simply, the dragster manages to run a quarter mile in less than six seconds and hits more than 300 mph. Can you imagine what that must feel like? Surely, there aren’t that many people who have crossed that barrier on four wheels. If only we could convince the driver to mount a GoPro on his helmet – now that would be a video to see, considering none of us will ever do the deed ourselves.

The video itself is just over four minutes long, with the highlight coming in the last few seconds of the video. That said, I suggest you watch the whole thing anyway. Just firing up one of these jet engines is a task, and it’s pretty interesting to see how the car is prepared and staged before the man inside tests his manhood as he almost instantly jumps to 300 mph. Fair warning: Jet engines are loud and create quite a whistle, so you might want to turn down the volume and adjust it after you hit play. The frequency alone could damage some speakers if cranked to high, and it’ll make your dogs go crazy. So, hit play and enjoy the video.


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