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Jet-Powered Tesla vs PLAID, Need We Say More

The Jet Engines on this P85 are not just for show and really do give the Plaid a run for its money

2021 can quite easily be called the year of the Plaid. Tesla’s newest flagship has pretty much annihilated the competition in drag races, ever since it went on sale, with the exception of a few of course, and what better way to kick things off for this year with yet another Plaid duel, this time going up against an older Model S, However, this is no ordinary Model S, but it is Warped Perceptions jet-powered P85. This should be an interesting one. Let’s look at some numbers now.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Jet-Powered Tesla vs PLAID, Need We Say More
- image 1046356
In the white corner, we have the latest Tesla Model S Plaid

You’ve probably already heard the figures on the Plaid, by I’ll run them by you once more anyway. Yes, the Model S Plaid puts out 1020 horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque from its tri-motor setup. This particular white Model S Plaid belongs to the owner of AMS performance and it is in fact, his daily driver.

Jet-Powered P85

Jet-Powered Tesla vs PLAID, Need We Say More
- image 1043508
Say hello to Matt Mikka aka Warped Perception’s jet-powered P85

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. Matt Mikka aka Warped Perception’s Silver P85 is unlike any other Model S out there, thanks to the three jet engines that stick out from its derriere. These babies produce 300 pounds of thrust off the bat, apart from the 470 horsepower electric motor. Now the standard Model S P85 is no slouch, to begin with, and the additional boost that these mini jet engines provide should make them quite potent against the Plaid. They’re being run on kerosene + turbine oil for this showdown and the noise that they make is so out of place in your suburban neighborhood.

The Races

Jet-Powered Tesla vs PLAID, Need We Say More
- image 1046346
With that both Model S’ line up for launch. The Plaid is in its Sport mode

Now coming to the races. There were five runs in total and they were good until the fuel lasted on the P85. With that, the pair line up for round one. The Plaid is in sport mode, while the P85 has its jet engines on full chat. The hammer drops and the Plaid is quite literally left in the dust. It was an easy win for the older Tesla.

Jet-Powered Tesla vs PLAID, Need We Say More
- image 1046353
And take off it did, leaving the Plaid in its wake. The P85 dominated round one

For round two the Plaid is set into drag strip mode allowing the batteries to warm up and it showed, as it was much closer this time around, but the P85 still beat the Plaid. It wasn’t until round three that the Plaid managed to redeem itself against the fire-breathing P85.

Find out what happens in round four in the video below.

To Sum It Up

Jet-Powered Tesla vs PLAID, Need We Say More
- image 1046338
2021 can easily be called the year of the Plaid, given how it has annihilated the competition at drag strips around the country

Well, what a fantastic way to start the year, this was indeed a lot of fun to write about as much as it was fun to watch. The tech and engineering behind the jet-powered Tesla are simply fascinating. Apparently, this was the last run before its back to the drawing board for Version 2 of the Jet-powered Tesla, I for one can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

Khris Bharath
Khris Bharath
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