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If you’re gonna make it in the tech world, then you’ve gotta surround yourself with the best people possible. But the tech elites out there don’t come cheap, and finding the right incentives to draw them in can be a challenge. One company in Seattle has the right idea – offering to park one of the most in-demand automobiles in the country right in their driveway. Of course, I’m talking about the Tesla Model 3.

That’s the strategy taken by Axon, a division of Taser, which develops, manufactures, and distributes products like electrical weapons and body-worn cameras for law enforcement.

According to a report from the Seattle Times, Axon is offering to purchase the $35,000 all-electric sedan for candidates in select positions, such as web developers and engineers. After working for 90 days at Axon, new hires can sign up for the car waiting list. Existing employees can also secure a spot on the waiting list by referring three employees for select roles.

Tesla revealed the Model 3 sedan on March 31, 2016, amid a flurry of interest. A week after unveiling the Model 3, Tesla accumulated well over 300,000 pre-orders. Deliveries are expected to commence towards the end of next year.

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Why It Matters

With several hundred thousand pre-orders already on the list, and deliveries scheduled to begin a year from now, new Axon employees will need to be patient. Throw in the fact recruits will be placed at the end of the pre-order list, not to mention Tesla’s penchant for delays, and it’s looking like it might be a while before that shiny new four-door arrives.

That said, it seems like a fair pairing – technology company offers high-profile, tech-heavy all-electric car as an incentive? Makes sense to me. And you can bet Elon Musk agrees – after all, the move is only making the Model 3 more desirable in the long run.

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Source: Seattle Times

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