It’s going up for sale — again

The Ford GT once owned by WWE superstar John Cena is back up for sale. It’s the fourth time — maybe fifth? — that Cena’s Ford GT is on the market and the second time in the past month alone. The Liquid Blue Ford GT last hit the auction block during Monterey Car Week back on August 25. Barely a month later — seriously, it’s only September 24 — the supercar us now listed in Mecum’s auction next month.

John Cena's 2017 Ford GT is Getting Passed Around Like a Dirty Diaper
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John Cena’s Ford GT has been in the news more times than the other 499 units put together. Apparently, the now-infamous Liquid Blue GT is still making waves long after Cena and Ford settled for an undisclosed amount after the automaker filed a lawsuit against Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect over his decision to flip the car for a profit shortly after buying it for $466,376.50.

That settlement became official in June 2018, which was three months ago. Since then, the GT went to a wealthy California farmer who bought it from Cena.

He didn’t own very long, though, because health issues — the 78-year-old farmer cited “back issues” — prevented him from enjoying the car the way he wanted to.

So, two months after buying the car from the leader of the Cenation, the farmer put the GT, which had 625 miles at the clock at that time, up for auction during Monterey Car Week, where it sold for $1.4 million.

John Cena's 2017 Ford GT is Getting Passed Around Like a Dirty Diaper
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Here’s where it gets surreal. The third owner has owned the car for less than a month, and, apparently, he’s had enough fun with it since the Ford GT is once again up for auction, this time at the Mecum auction in Dallas this coming October.

To make these bizarre series of events even more dramatic, the Ford GT reportedly now has 626 miles on it.

If that’s true, the third owner “drove” it for exactly one mile.

John Cena's 2017 Ford GT is Getting Passed Around Like a Dirty Diaper
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It’s possible, then, that the current owner of the Ford GT is looking to make a little extra cash by flipping it before Ford’s “two-year, no-resale” condition expires.

Once that window passes, all the other Ford GTs are going to flood the market, which, in turn, could compromise the value of this particular GT. Then again, knowing the history of this car, it’s hard to imagine another Ford GT having more notoriety attached to it than this one.

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