It is no secret that we all love Miatas here at The tiny roadster is built for nothing but pure driving pleasure, and it delivers in spades. There are a few though that feel the Miata’s small, four-cylinder engine is just not powerful enough to really exploit the incredible chassis. Flyin’ Miata falls into that group, and it has earned a reputation for making some of the best modifications that include chassis bracing, turbo kits, supercharger kits, suspension and brake upgrades, and V-8 conversions.

If you want your Miata to go faster, handle better and stop quicker, there isn’t a finer team I know of than the crew at FM.

As you read this, I am on my way to their headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado to see the operation, look at what new goodies they have coming, and of course, I am going to drive a whole pile of modified Miatas.

I will be covering a lot of what I see and learn on the site in the next week or two, but if you want to follow along live, you can check out the social media links posted after the break. Also after the break is a quick look at some of what I will be driving and doing this week.

If there is a special modification or car that you want to know about, drop it in the comments. I will do whatever I can to get your questions answered. For now, just hit that jump to get a sneak preview of the mess I’m getting into over the next few days.

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Join Me as I Hoon With Flyin' Miata Exterior
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Nancy started life as a 2006 Miata in the Mazda press fleet. Since it left the hands of the journalists, Flyin’ Miata has given it a new nose, covered it with a racing livery vinyl and they bolted a supercharger to the engine. The result is a Miata that now produces 240 horsepower. Of course, brakes and suspension modifications are here as well. This car is not only a test bed for new parts, but FM entered it into the grueling Targa Newfoundland rally. The car did so well that it not only finished, but until the last day of competition, it was actually first in its class.

V-8 Targa Car

Join Me as I Hoon With Flyin' Miata High Resolution Exterior
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Where Nancy is a mostly stock NC-generation car with a few modifications, the V-8 Targa car is an unholy beast of power and performance. Based on an NA chassis, the V-8 Targa has, as the name implies, a V-8 engine. The car started life with a 5.3-liter GM small block, but it has been recently upgraded to a 6.3-liter LS3 crate engine making more than 400 horsepower. The Targa car is fitted with the biggest and best creations to come from the minds at Flyin’ Miata and serves as one of its main test beds. From adjustable suspension to active aerodynamics, this car has been fitted with every goody FM can fit on it.

Atomic Betty

Join Me as I Hoon With Flyin' Miata Drivetrain
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Atomic Betty is almost a love-child between Nancy and the Targa car. It is an NC-generation car like Nancy, but it has been fitted with the same aluminum, 6.3-liter, Corvette engine found in the Targa. Obviously brakes have been modified and few suspension bits have been tuned, but this machine is surprisingly stock. From what I have heard, Atomic Betty will be the best car I will ever lay my hands on. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.


Join Me as I Hoon With Flyin' Miata High Resolution Exterior
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While technically not a Miata, Whiskers is one of the newest members of the FM fleet, and one of the most exciting. Whiskers is a kit-car called the catfish, and it uses the Miata’s “roller skate” as its base. The car is purely a track-day toy with no side windows or top. It promises an extremely low weight, and all the fun you can ask for.

There are plenty more cars for me to look at and experience including turbocharged cars, the Exocet track car, and more. Keep your eyes here on for all the reviews as they come.

If you want to follow the action live, I will be posting photos and more to my Twitter page @Moeferd. You can also see some of what is happening at the TopSpeed Podcast twitter account - @TopSpeedPodcast. If Instagram is more your thing, you can follow me @Moeferd on there as well.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to flog a few Miatas.

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