This ranks as one of the weirdest anniversary celebrations in recent memory

When Subaru founded Subaru Technica International (STI) 30 years ago, it probably didn’t think it would become synonymous with rally racing dominance, nor would it become a staple in the all-wheel-drive sedan segment. The STI nameplate has accomplished great things for Subaru. Turns out, it accomplished enough that Subaru’s throwing a 30th-anniversary party with five packets of Japanese curry and a red teddy bear holding a spoon. This is not a joke, ladies and gentlemen. The STI’s glorious three-decade milestone is being honored with a stuffed bear, Japanese curry, a special curry spoon, and a commemorative t-shirt that says, “CURRY IS POWER.”

Join the Subaru STI's 30th Anniversary Celebration By Buying a Red Teddy Bear and Five Packets of Japanese Curry
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I wish there was a way to say that this was a joke. But it’s not. Subaru is really offering a Cherry Red strap bear and Japanese curry as part of Subaru Tecnica International’s 30th-anniversary celebration. The red strap bear in question — it’s wearing the official color of STI — measures 10 cm, or just a tick under four inches.

It’s wearing Subaru STI’s 30th-anniversary shirt, and, just as important, it’s holding a curry spoon in one hand for reasons that are still unclear to a lot of us.

Then there’s the actual curry, which is strange enough in itself as a separate item. Yes, you can buy it without the bear, but where’s the fun in that, right? Either way, Subaru says that the curry set is a “vitality source of the STI team.” It includes five packets of retort curry that uses the “Nurukei” recipe. Each packet weighs 200 grams, so you’re going to have a good fill of the curry five times over. The price of the teddy bear and curry set adds up to 3,900 yen, which converts to about $35 based on current exchange rates.

In the event that you’re keen on buying the curry set without the bear, you can opt for a separate package that includes the aforementioned Japanese treat and a five-piece set of STI Water. This ready-to-eat-and-drink package

Join the Subaru STI's 30th Anniversary Celebration By Buying a Red Teddy Bear and Five Packets of Japanese Curry
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If you’re not interested in getting the set, you can avail a bigger teddy bear that’s wearing STI merchandise, including a blue-polo-shirt-and-hat combo. This item is actually a little more expensive than the bear-and-curry set.

Availability is limited, and it sells for 4,200 yen, which is right around $37.40 based on current conversation rates.

Not interested in any bears of any kind? Well, you can join in the STI celebration by buying — and wearing — a commemorative t-shirt that says “CURRY IS POWER.” This shirt costs 5,090 yen. That’s about $45 based on current conversion rates. A separate spoon is also available for 2,160 yen, or around $19.

It’s unclear if Subaru Japan has any plans of shipping the items to the U.S. I’m intrigued, though, not because Subaru decided to celebrate STI’s 30th anniversary with a stuffed animal and a local Japanese dish, but because I’m actually curious to find out how that curry tastes. If Subaru thinks highly enough of that curry to throw it in as a highlight piece for the 30th anniversary of STI, there’s probably something in there that justifies its inclusion in the automaker’s 30th-anniversary celebration for its STI outfit.

Join the Subaru STI's 30th Anniversary Celebration By Buying a Red Teddy Bear and Five Packets of Japanese Curry
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Speaking of which, if Subaru really wanted to celebrate STI’s 30th anniversary, it could just roll out special edition models of the WRX, right? Oh, wait, it’s done that, too, except that all of us here in the U.S. have been shut out off buying them. Back in April, Subaru released the WRX STI RA-R in the Japanese market. It followed that up last month with the arrival of the WRX STI Diamond Edition, regarded as the most powerful Impreza ever made. That speaks more to our tastes and preferences, but, sadly, Subie only released it in the South African market. Even the Canadian market received its own special edition WRX — the Raiu Edition — in September, while us here in the U.S. only got the WRX STI Type RA. Sure, it’s a lot better than a stuffed toy and Japanese curry, but more special edition STI models in the U.S. would be nice, too.

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