You’re going to need 9,648 AA batteries to power this bad boy

In what has become a very competitive race to stay ahead of the electric vehicle game, Mercedes-Benz may have just trumped everybody else with the release of its newest model, the Mercedes AA Class. The luxury electric sedan is the first vehicle in the business to do away with the “traditional” electric powertrain setup in favor of using actual AA batteries.

The AA Class is based on the C-Class and is actually…okay, before somebody starts to hyperventilate, I’m going to clarify that the AA Class isn’t an actual Mercedes. It’s not even an actual “thing.” What it is though is the subject of one of Saturday Night Live’s newest parodies starring none other than Emmy-award winning star Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Apparently the AA Class, if it really is an actual thing, could be the game-changing model that turns the EV business upside down. Really, it could! Consider this: it doesn’t have the traditional EV powertrain. Instead, it makes use of 9,648 AA Duracell batteries, allowing it to have zero noise, zero emissions, and zero charging time. Take all that into consideration and the car still packs a Bose audio system, a GPS navigation system that can tell you when the batteries are running dry, and enough trunk space to store those dead AA batteries. If that’s not enough, Mercedes also devised an ingenious way to dispose of the dead batteries as the Seinfeld alum expertly demonstrates in the video.

Unfortunately, there are a few caveats that come with the Mercedes AA Class. First, it can only reach a top speed of 52 mph, which is understandable considering the powertrain it’s using. Second and more importantly, it’s not a real car, even though Louis-Dreyfus does such an amazing job promoting it you’d think that it actually is a real thing.

Well played, Saturday Night Live. Well played indeed.

Mercedes C-Class

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