Thanks to the wonderful world of Super Street, by way of our friends at Speed Hunters, we bring you yet another gem hidden amongst mountains of blinding white salt that shows up at Bonneville’s Speed Week straight from the dry lakebed. The bright yellow Toyota Supra turbo that you see before you is none other than the JUN Auto Akira Supra. According to the manufacturer’s website this is an “Ultra high speed specification JZA80 Supra” and it was built to compete in only one place in the world the dried up lakebeds of Utah, an entire ocean away from the Auto Mechanic shop where it was being built in Japan.

JUN AKIRA Boneville Supra
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The JUN Akira Supra first arrived at the dry lake bed in August of 2001 to compete in the National Speed Trials, the Supra challenged the current record and walked away as the fastest Toyota vehicle ever with a top speed of 249.292 MPH and an average recorded time 240.192 MPH thanks to its unique streamlining bodywork and a 3.2 Liter 2JZGTE with two TRUST T78 turbochargers bolted to the side pumping enough air to make almost 1200 HP, but underneath all that racecar specification equipment is a Toyota Supra Twin Turbo that you could buy new from any dealership, boy 1996 was a good year.

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JUN AKIRA Boneville Supra
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If you are asking yourself right now, who is this JUN you are talking about? Think about every Japanese engine you have ever seen on any racecar that is worth remembering and ask yourself this question; was the valve cover painted yellow and green. The reason you may not be so familiar with the Machine Shop is that their work tends to go unseen. So next time look a little closer when you come across an impressive machine from the land of the rising sun.

JUN AKIRA Boneville Supra
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JUN AKIRA Boneville Supra
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  (1024) posted on 04.24.2010

I’d have to say the Skyline is cooler. The Supra is faster though.

  (392) posted on 04.20.2010

If we compare the supra and the Skyline that he customized. What will be the best car? The Toyota Supra or the Nissan Skyline?

  (1024) posted on 08.27.2009

Wonder what Smokey Nagata has to say about this. I prefer this car over the Top Secret one because its own engine was used.

HKS, Top Secret and JUN are the more well known Japanese tuners.

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