There’s nothing pleasurable about watching this video if you’re a safe-driving BMW owner

BMW drivers are known for being a tad too aggressive on the wheel. Look up “BMW driving fails” on the Internet or on YouTube, the perception hits judging by the sheer number of compilation videos that are available for your viewing pleasure. This video compilation, provided to us by the eponymously named Crash Car Channel on YouTube, is a non-stop, 10-minute run of BMWs crashing into trees, traffic posts, cars, and just about everything that gets in their way. This might not be the video for you in case you’re an upstanding BMW owner. But for the rest of us, this is the latest proof that a lot of BMW drivers take Bimmer’s “Sheer Driving Pleasure” tag line a little too far.

Compilation videos like this can be a mixed bag. On the one hand, they make for entertaining watches. You can easily consume a 10-minute video during a break from work or even after work. Watching BMW drivers mess up on the road like nobody else can comes with a certain amount of entertainment value, provided that the accidents don’t end up with anybody getting hurt. There are a lot of them in this compilation, too. There’s one that smashed right into a traffic post that caused the hanging traffic lights to fall, hitting another car in the process. There’s another one featuring a driver swerving recklessly from one lane to another before crashing into a parked car on the outer lane. The hits keep coming, folks. Further along in the compilation is a BMW 1 Series with a show-off driver who tried doing burnouts only to fail miserably at it.

Just BMW Drivers Being BMW Drivers: Crashes and Fails on Video
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There were a few violent crashes, too. I’m not going to make fun of those because it looked like someone got hurt from it. That’s the trade-off when it comes to watching compilation videos like this. It’s easy to make fun of and mock reckless drivers when they mess up in the end, but if their idiocy results in someone getting hurt, that’s when it stops being funny. One crash, in particular, ended with an unsuspecting SUV that got clipped in the back and ended up in a ditch. Another crash involved what looks like a BMW X4 violently crashing into the car in front. The force of that crash forced the SUV to also crash into a concrete barrier before flipping over a few times. There’s no fun in watching a crash like that. You just hope that the driver and the occupants — if there are any — inside the car didn’t suffer from any serious injuries.

Just BMW Drivers Being BMW Drivers: Crashes and Fails on Video
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In all seriousness, video complications like this can be fun if taken with some perspective. But at the end of the day, these compilations are also serious reminders to everyone watching them that horsing around on the road — it doesn’t even matter if you’re driving a BMW or not — almost always ends up badly for those involved. You can crash your car into a tree or worse, crash into someone and kill them. So as entertaining as this video compilations can be, watch it with a bit of perspective, too. Don’t put yourselves in a position where you end up in one of these.

Drive safely, guys. That’s really all anyone’s asking from you when you’re taking your BMWs out for a spin.

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