Mercedes took extreme caution with the launch of the new Mercedes C-class. What type of extremes did they go to in relation to crash testings ? How about crash testing the new C class a total of 5500 times in addition to a whopping 15 million miles on the of computer simulated training.

From these figures , it is safe to say that the new C-class is the most digitally/computer tested automobile by the manufactorer Mercedes Benz Inc. Combine this safety testing with the all -wheel drive sytem which is set to be mated to the new C-class 4 months after the initial launch and you have the safest C-class to date.

According to Autoweek," this was the first time they type of extensive testing with their cars." In the future look for Mercedes to do this with all of their vehicles to offer the safest performance luxury oriented automobiles on the market.


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