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The guys over at Ferrari have apparently been busy little bees. We were recently blessed with the unveiling of that special edition J50, but over at Ferrari there has apparently been another car in the works, but details thus far are scant. Just last week – right around Christmas time – Instagram user Gregb.23 uploaded a couple of mysterious photos of a car hidden away under a fancy red “Atelier” cover and the caption “Guess the car!? Hint it’s not a V8 and it’s not a LaF.” A few days later, he uploaded another photo that gives us a partial view of the engine, and the rear quarter with the caption “Does that engine look familiar?! #V12.” The images have been getting a lot of attention from his Instagram followers and on a forum post on, but so far there has been no word as to what it really is.

Based on the captions with the images, we know it’s a V-12 powered beast that isn’t a LaFerrari or an F12berlinetta, but that’s about it. Some are saying that it could b a 458-based prototype of the LaFerrari, despite the owner clearly saying it is not and LaF. It’s obviously not an Aperta, but as users on Ferrarichat pointed out, the rear spoiler and lights appear to match that of the 458 Speciale while the front looks to have the 458/488 DNA with some minor modifications like different hood vents. What makes all of this even more mysterious, however, is the fact that the 458 wasn’t designed to hold a V-12, so just what does Gregb.23 have here? Keep reading to see the original Instagram posts.

Final Thoughts and Mysterious Posts

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At this point, I’m leaning toward the idea that it’s probably some special 458 or 488 prototype that was initially built to test the waters of a V-12 powered example. The hood pins shown in the second post below could hint toward it being a track-only car, so it might not even be road legal. Then again, Gregb.23 is said to own a few models with a prancing horse badge, so perhaps he simply walked into Ferrari with an excessively large bag of money and the motivation to make a deal for a special one-off. At this point, it’s all a mystery, but we’ll be waiting for that sheet to come off. If nothing else, one can’t deny the fact that Gregb.23 has some amazing self-control. How many guys do you know that could hold off on showing off their brand-new one-off? I’m not sure I could. What do you think it is? Let us know in the comments section below!

A photo posted by Greg B. (@gregb.23) on

Source: Instagram: Gregb.23

Source: Greg.b23 instagram and Ferrari Chat Forum

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