2014 has started "in style" for Justin Bieber; he’s having problems with his neighbors and he’s almost been arrested for cocaine possession, and now the pop star is into even more trouble.

Police officers in Miami confirmed that the 19-year-old singer was arrested for drag racing. According to the police report, Bieber was racing a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo (image above) around 4:09 this morning against a red Ferrari. Both drivers were arrested and the two cars were towed.

That’s not where the fun stops. Bieber also failed a field sobriety test, so he was hauled off to the Miami-Dade County jail for a breathalyzer test. We have to remind you that Bieber is only 19 years old — 21 is the legal drinking age in Florida — and the test must come back with a blood-alcohol content level of less than 0.02 percent, or he can face a six-month license suspension. For the drag-racing offense, he can receive a jail sentence of up to six months, a fine of $500 to $1,000, and a one-year license suspension.

Of course, we don’t any judge to throw the book at "The Bieb," as Bieber’s lawyers will likely get him off with just a fine and a license suspension. But, do you think this will stop him for making the same mistake again? We think not!

At least we can all get a good look at his rather awkward happiness in his mugshot (above).

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May, 2013 - Bieber was fined for six moving violations in Dubai

Celebrity Cars: Justin Bieber Fined for Six Moving Violations in Dubai
- image 505334

Last year while driving to the United Arab Emirates, Bieber borrowed the Aventador from a "friend" and drive it on the Dubai streets the way he usually does: like an ass. The only problem is that while doing so, Bieber was caught breaking driving laws in Dubai via six different traffic cameras. The singer was driving really fast and when police officers tried to stop him, he ignored them and kept on going.

In late 2012 Bieber blocked traffic to confront paparazzi

Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami for Drag Racing
- image 539499

Bieber is driving like a maniac ever since he was officially allowed to get behind the wheel of a car. Of course with such driving skills he was always watched by paparazzi whom always wanted to see the mistakes Bieber usually does.

In such conditions, while being followed by paparazzi in Los Angeles, Bieber blocked the traffic and confronted the paparazzi face to face.

Source: Yahoo

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