It seems like car tech just invaded the Consumer Electronics Show this year, but what if your interests aren’t in max-mileage EVs or autonomous vehicles? What if you’re more the old school, canyon-carving, go-out-for-a-spirited-drive kind of enthusiast? Well, don’t worry, because there’s consumer electronics for that kinda thing too. How does an undercover radar detector/head unit combo sound?

For 35 years, K40 Electronics has been making radar detectors for a variety of applications, and now, K40 is teaming up with infotainment provider Kenwood and aftermarket vehicle technology company Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) to offer a new undercover radar detection system.

Here’s how it works: K40 provides the detector, which is installed in a hidden location on the vehicle. The detector then interfaces with an iDatalink Maestro RR integration module from ADS. A Kenwood head unit ties it all together, offering up system status updates, red light information, speed camera information, and of course, radar detection warnings. The system can also identify signal strength, radar band, and the vehicle’s speed at the time of detection.

The new system will be made available in the second half of 2016. If you happen to be in Las Vegas for CES, check out the Kenwood booth for a live demonstration.

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Why It Matters

When it comes to radar detectors, discretion is paramount. Not too long ago, radar detectors were some extraneous black box mounted to the dash, usually with some long, annoying cord stretched into the lighter socket, and no matter the situation, that kind of thing is always an issue. This new system sounds far more elegant, with installation directly into the onboard infotainment system for easier operation and fewer raised eyebrows.

A few other cool things about the system is that it uses the vehicle’s audio system to issue radar alerts, meaning you won’t get caught off guard with the stereo going. You can also silence the alerts from the steering wheel if necessary.

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