It’s easy to mistake a car like Fiat 500 Abarth as a lightweight when it comes to performance. But don’t tell that to the boys at Karl Schnorr Kraftfahrzeuge.

The German auto tuners took a stab at modifying a 500 Abarth and they did a splendid job of tweaking – both in performance and aesthetics – this particular Abarth right down to the very smallest of details.

The result is a car that now runs on two levels of power. One is a 1.4-liter engine that produces up to 163 hp and 251Nm of torque – a spike in performance from its previous numbers of 135hp at 206Nm of torque. The second power level is – obviously – stronger than the other variant with speeds going all the way up to 200hp, thanks in large part to a bigger turbocharger and a sports exhaust system.

Prices for the two fine-tuned 500 Abarths are €950 for the level I Abarth and €5,050 for the level II Abarth.

It’s worth noting that driving an Abarth with that much power tucked under its hood is sure to surprise a lot of folks. If looks really were deceiving, then we sure won’t mind getting behind the wheel of one of these babies.


Source: World Car Fans

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