Yes, there is a Rolls-Royce even uglier than the “Chinese Eye” custom Silver Cloud III recently purchased by Kate Moss.
It’s a brand new Phantom done up in flat black.
The entire exterior of the car is painted in a dull, primer-like flat black.
It was created, for reasons unknown, by a company called Mansory. It is a German company dedicated to hot-rodding British rides, primarily Bentleys.
The interior of the car, however, is better than the outside. Special lighting gives the inside of the car a glow effect, and carbon fiber accents are featured on the dash and doors. There is a divider between driver’s and passenger’s compartments which can be darkened to the passenger’s wishes by a remote.
If you are in the market, you can view the video, but you’ll need an interpreter. Though it’s a British car (sorta, since BMW owns Rolls-Royce), the video is in German.
But, for Kate, they’d probably get an interpreter.

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